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About the School Council

School Council meetings are held every Thursday lunchtime. Miss Stewardson hosts the meetings and works off the agenda which the children have drawn up at the start of the year. 

Things we have been discussing/planning this year so far in the meetings:

  • Buddy duty
  • Playtime behaviour
  • International School Award
  • Our School Auction (summer term)
  • Joint School Council 

Any questions or suggestions can either be given to any School Council member in person or emailed to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

On Thursday 6th March 2014 two school council members went to Judi Bakes’ house to meet her and discuss a donation that she will be making to us for our Auction.

Judi Bakes’ provided us with a fabulous prize of a Children’s Workshop which is going to be held in school on Saturday 5th July. 

As well as the Auction taking up a lot of our time this last term we are also busy doing tasks for the Joint School Council. The tasks are given to us by Nicola Wooley who runs JSC and vary according the outcome of the previous meeting.

Joint School Council:

Our School Council team is also part of Joint School Council.

Joint School Council are a group of (school council) children who come from different schools in Maryport and the surrounding area and meet once every half term. The children all work together to organise various different events. Last term the event was a dog walking event. The reason for that was that the children believe we need to tackle dog fouling as a community issue. Therefore, the children organised a dog walking event for everyone to take part in to help raise awareness of this issue. 

This term the event we are organising is a family event which is yet to be confirmed.

On Friday 6th June we held our annual school auction and we raised £700! The event was a great success and everyone who joined us on the night thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

School Council are now working hard to make sure all businesses etc. are delivered thank you letters. 


Extended Schools Partnership

As a member of the Maryport Extended Schools Partnership, children from our school have had the opportunity to be involved in various extra-curricular activities over the last year.

To take a look at what activities our children have been taking part in, please click here to view the newsletter.


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