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School Council - Hills Books - 15 March 2018

Our School Council arranged a bag-packing session at Asda, where we raised £400. The School Council decided that the money should be spent on some new reading books for Key Stage 2, as this was what the children wanted most (but we also managed to squeeze in some books for Early Years and Key Stage One!) A group of children (who especially love reading) were chosen to go to Hill’s bookshop, to select the books for their class – they had made lists of their class-mates’ choices to take along, to make sure they didn’t forget any special requests! They also got a special gift to take home…for being so very well behaved.


The children wanted to say a special thank you to Miss Stewardson, who helped them to organise the bag-packing and the trip to the book shop…as well as driving the mini-bus!!