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'Ship Shape’ Experiment

Even though the Titanic was built from iron (a heavy metal) it was still able to float and travel on the water until it hit the iceberg. We decided to investigate ship shapes.

Using play doh, we all made a boat. All of our boats were different! Some were big, some were small. Some were round and some were long. We placed them in the water to see if our ship shapes floated...

Some of our ships floated, but a lot of them sank. We decided that this was because some of the ships we made let the water in, as the sides were too low. Some ships sank because they had a hole in. We improved our ships by making sure they had tall sides and were not too thin, to prevent holes letting water in. The Titanic floated because of its shape, and only sank when it hit the iceberg because big holes let the water in. It then sank quickly because it was so heavy.