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Year 6 - Lake District Leaflets

Class 6, at Our Lady and St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School - Maryport, have been learning about the Lake District this term. They have explored the natural landscape, the effects of tourism and delved into the hidden gems that the Lake District has to offer us, as residents, and visitors alike.

They were set the challenge to write a persuasive leaflet encouraging those interested to visit this incredibly beautiful part of the world. We discussed the importance of descriptive language and how it has the power to create an image in the readers mind leaving them yearning for more.

‘The mist rests softly on the mountain peaks like a blanket draped over a baby. The sun tries to break through the clouds as you trek through tall, green grass, wet with morning dew.’

Both myself (Miss Nattrass – Year 6 Class Teacher) and the children, would love it if you would take some time to read their unbelievable advertisements. They are tremendously proud of them and rightly so too! Let us know what you think! Here are a few examples…

‘The Lake District beckons you to come and enjoy the glimmering lakes and rolling hills, located in the North West of England. ’ Losha A

‘If you decide to come, you will make memories bursting with fun in this truly infectious pocket of paradise.’ – Olivia A

‘Twist and turn through the forest, or enjoy the bush craft activities, where you will learn how to survive in the forest at Go Ape!’ – Tyler B

‘Filled with adventure, the Lake District is home to relaxing strolls, challenging hikes and stunningly breath-taking views. Bathed in sunlight, the incredible Scafell Pike stands at an impressive height of 978m and is an remarkable challenge for anyone willing to give it a go! – Macie C’

‘The Lake District has ‘mountains’ of outstanding attractions for all ages!’ – Brooke E

‘In the evening, do you want to finish off with a luxurious meal? Come to Armathwaire Hall where your dreams of local dishes will come true!’ – Mary E

‘For the kid inside of all of us, the tremendous Lake District has phenomenal, invigorating attractions that will knock you off your feet! Are you feeling brave enough?’ – Cerys T

If you are curious to try some traditional, delightful Cumbrian cuisine, then you are in for a treat! – Alicja M

In the Lake District you’ll find an endless number of extraordinary walks; you might see some beautiful animals too! – Aiden W

‘Beneath the canopies of the lush emerald-green trees… adventure awaits.’ – Roksana K

Located in the heart of Cumbria, the extraordinary Lake District National Park has remarkable mountain views and astonishing, clear as crystal lakes! Joe W.

As a family, you can be whooshed away with the enchanted experience of the Gruffalo Trail! Let your child’s imagination run wild as they ramble through the magical woods and discover their favourite story characters! – Nevaeh N


The children have worked so incredibly hard on these pieces of work and these quotes are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the gems that their writing has to offer.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to read this post – we hope you enjoyed it! Miss Nattrass – Year 6 Teacher – Our Lady and St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Maryport.