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Our Lady and St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School Part of the Mater Christi Multi-Academy Trust

How will the school support a child with SEND?

  • All children are offered excellent targeted classroom teaching (Quality First Teaching)
  • Some children may benefit from small group work with more specific targets which may take place inside or outside the classroom. Children with social and emotional needs may be offered additional 1:1 counselling or Emotional Literacy Support.
  • For children on the school’s SEN Register, progress is reviewed termly and next steps are planned accordingly. At this level a child may be described as receiving SEN Support.
  • A few children will follow specialist programmes of teaching devised with the help of outside professionals.
  • If after seeking external advice and implementing suggested ways of removing barriers to your child’s learning and reviewing but seeing little or no progress. This means your child will have been identified by the class teacher/SENCO as needing a particularly high level of individual and small group teaching or 1-1 teaching which cannot be provided from the resources already delegated to the school. 
  • The school (or you) can request that the Local Authority carry out a statutory assessment of your child’s needs. This is a legal process and you can find more details about this in the Local Authority (LA) based Local Offer, on the Cumbria County Council web site:
  • After the school have sent in the request to the Local Authority (with a lot of information about your child, including some from you), they will decide whether they think your child’s needs (as described in the paperwork provided), seem complex enough to need a statutory assessment. If this is the case they will ask you and all professionals involved with your child to write a report outlining your child’s needs.
  • After the reports have all been sent in, the Local Authority will decide if your child’s needs are severe, complex and lifelong and that they need extra provision in school to make good progress. If this is the case they will write an EHC Plan. If this is not the case, they will ask the school to continue with the support already in place and keep reviewing to ensure your child makes as much progress as possible
  • All provisions are reviewed and evaluated by the SENCO for their effectiveness using EduKey Provision Map.
  • The school has a nominated governor for Special Educational Needs who report to the Full Governing Body.