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Our Lady and St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School Part of the Stella Maris Catholic Federation

Late & Absence Procedures

Our Absence Procedures are there to keep children safe; safeguarding your children is our number one priority at Our Lady and St. Patrick's. 


This includes knowing where the children are if they are not in school, and the reasons for this.  We have robust procedures in place to ensure we always know why children are absent from school. Please see a copy of our 'First Day Calling' procedures, below.


Notifying us of a Child's Absence from School


If your child is going to be absent from school, it is vital that you inform us, either through a message at the office or via telephone, on (01900 812582). We have an answering machine which will allow you to leave messages outside of the school day. We should always hear from you by 9.00am at the latest.


If a child is absent from school without explanation, we will follow a protocol which involves texting and phoning parents / carers and any other emergency contacts we have on file. We should have three contact numbers for all children, if at all possible.


If we still do not have any response or reason for absence, the final step we will take is a home visit and, if necessary, we will ask the Police to call to the house to carry out a welfare check. All of this will happen before the end of the school day on the first day of absence, if we do not know why a child is absent.


Please see our 'First-Day Calling Procedures' below, for more information about this.


Medical Appointments


If your child is absent from school because of a medical appointment, we always ask that you provide us with a copy of the appointment letter, for our records.

It is really helpful if you can provide this for us in advance - we can take a copy of the letter in school, or you can send a photograph of the letter to our office email. 


Attendance Meetings


Where regular absence is an issue, we have a range of procedures in place, including meetings with senior staff in school and meetings with representatives from the Local Authority.


Every day really does matter when it comes to education - repeated absence can significantly impact on your child's learning and, ultimately, on their future.


Please help your child by making sure they come to school every day!


Our First-Day Calling Procedures

First-Day Calling Procedures


Attendance Matters


Local Authority Guidance - Leave of Absence in Term Time

Government Guidance - School Attendance & Absence