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Our Lady and St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Who's Who

At Our Lady and St. Patrick's, we have high levels of support in all our classes. This means that children have a range of adults to turn to for support or help. It also means that children can work either 1:1 with an adult, or in small groups as necessary.


Our staff are highly skilled in a range of areas, such as ADHD, ASC, Attachment and EAL amongst others.  We work hard to support children whatever their needs and abilities.

Meet the Staff

Mrs Hampson - Executive Headteacher
Mrs Long- Head of School
Ms Armstrong- School Business Manager
Mrs Goodfellow- Inclusion Lead/DSL
Miss Foster - Early Years Lead/Reception Teacher
Mrs Robb - Key Stage One Lead/ Year 2 teacher
Miss Nattrass - Lower Key Stage Two Lead/Year 3 teacher
Mrs Johnston - Upper Key Stage Two Lead/Year 6 Teacher
Miss Tait - Year 1 teacher
Miss Walker- Year 4 teacher
Miss Todd- Year 5 teacher
Miss Thompson- Year 6 teacher
Mrs Hillier- HLTA
Mrs Anderson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tomlinson- Senior Teaching Assistant
Miss Ackerley- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Featherstone - TA/Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Stewardson - Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs Morrison - Pastoral Support
Mrs Walling - Senior Teaching Assistant
Mr Abbott - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Galloway - Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anderson - Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs Standley- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Werakso- Teaching Assistant
Miss Studholme - Senior Teaching Assistant
Miss McIlory- School Administrator
Mrs Brodie-Site Manager
Mrs Wren- Kitchen Manager