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'Bees in the Trees'

'Bees in the Trees' offers bee education as an excellent way of engaging pupils with the natural environment in their every day world.

We loved our visit from ‘The Bees in the Trees’ on 23rd May, when the children met around 2000 honey bees, in their hive. They also enjoyed games about pollination, finding out lots of bee facts, making seed bombs and printing lovely buttercup bees.

We learned that bees are harmless and very important little creatures. It was such a wonderful morning!


Our Laudato Si group had their own session, where they learned about the important role bees play in the future of our planet -  Bees are a keystone species; if bees die off it will end most life. In nature, various animals depend on bees for their survival because their food sources – nuts berries, seeds, and fruits – rely on insect pollination to reproduce.