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Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Social Emotional and Mental Health


There is often a range of different reasons why a child or young person can face difficulties in this area, and these are not always easy to initially identify: 


Social  – children may need support communicating with others, trusting adults, developing relationships, understanding boundaries.


Emotional – children may experience difficulties managing their emotions, processing feelings or may experience poor sense of self worth. Their history may lead them to experience emotions in a different way to other students.


Mental Health – children may experience a diagnosable mental illness, have periods of poor emotional wellbeing etc


Reasons why a child may have SEMH needs can include:


  • Attachment difficulties
  • Experience of trauma
  • Mental illness
  • A lack of opportunity to develop certain skills
  • A neurodevelopmental condition that may lead to difficulties communicating, understanding, regulating emotions, tolerating environments, concentrating or forming and maintaining relationships.