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Emotionally Based School Avoidance

Emotionally-based school avoidance is a term referring to reduced or nonattendance at school by a child or young person.

Rather than the term ‘school refusal’, the term EBSA recognises that this avoidance has its root in emotional, mental health or wellbeing issues.

Emotionally Based School Avoidance


Tips and tricks

If goodbyes seem to be taking a long time – be patient. It may help to give your child something called a “transition object” – something that belongs to you or a picture, that the child can have nearby and touch or speak to when you are away.

Love hearts

Draw a love heart on your hand and one on your child’s hand.  When they feel they need you, they can touch the love heart.  You can then tell each other that you were thinking about them today by touching your love heart.

Love buttons

You might want to sew a button into the inside of a jumper or cardigan that the child can touch through out the day as a comforter.

A special item

You might have a key ring, hair band or some other small item that is special to you which they can keep with them or near them during the day.