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Our Lady and St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School Part of the Mater Christi Multi-Academy Trust

Our Reading Scheme

We use Oxford Reading Tree as the main spine for our reading scheme in school. 


We order our reading books using the National Book Band colours and, within these broad bands, we have carefully sorted our early reading books into smaller sub-sections, which are carefully aligned to children's phonic ability. This means that the books children read are fully accessible to them, to promote a joy in the success of early reading.

Children's progress through the reading book colours and phonics phases is carefully tracked and monitored in Early Years and Key Stage One and this extends into Key Stage Two, where the reading colours continue. This supports continuity and progression right across school as children grow and develop in reading fluency and comprehension, reading carefully matched and selected texts at all points of their reading journey, meeting ever-increasingly more complex texts along the way.


By providing a wide range of books of all texts types, we aim to deepen and broaden children's reading experiences and foster a love of reading as they progress through school, from their beginnings in Early Years until they leave us at the end of Year 6.


We aim to send them off into the world as capable, life-long readers, who read for pleasure, for knowledge and for enjoyment.  


In addition, quality texts selected from the CLPE's 'Power of Reading' programme are at the very heart of our school curriculum, as we aim to encourage and promote a love of reading in our children. 


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