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Online Safety

Remember to ALWAYS stay safe online 


The internet can be useful and fun, it can help you to keep in touch with your friends and help your education...but it can also cause harm – to you and to others.


That's why it's so important to remember - and follow - the rules for using the internet safely and responsibly, at all times.

Tell an adult if you are worried about anything you see or hear online


Remember to tell an adult if you have any problems online, no matter how small.


If you don't feel able to speak to anyone at home, please remember that help is always available at school if you are having any problems online.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher or another trusted adult at school - they are always happy to listen and to help you.


Child Exploitation & CEOPS


Know how to use the CEOP Button and how to report it to the CEOP Centre, if you are worried about someone’s online behaviour towards you


If you or anyone you know is worried about Child Exploitation, Online Protection or anything related to Internet safety please click the link below which will take you to the CEOP reporting website:

Tips for staying safe online:


  • Make sure you keep new online friends strictly online. If someone you don't know asks to be your online friend you must tell a trusted adult about this.
  • Never give out your personal information online - do not tell anyone your name, age, address or anything else. Instead, you can use a nick-name online to stay safe.
  • Do not share pictures of yourself online - use an avatar for any profile pictures and NEVER post or send pictures of yourself to anyone online. Do not accept or open pictures from other people either.
  • Never arrange or agree to meet up with someone you meet online - remember they are a stranger and might not be who they say they are.
  • Stick to the age restrictions for all online games and social media platforms.
  • 'Be Kind Online' - never say, or write, anything you wouldn't say in person. Think carefully before you post anything  - once it's posted it's there forever...and could even be used as evidence against you!
  • Keep all your passwords safe and secure - but make sure you share them with your parents or carers
  • Always let your parents or carers know what you're up to online - don't keep any 'secrets' from them.


Remember to stay 'Smart' online - look at the Smart information in the posters below

Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use 

Helpful links to look at with your family

Our Online Safety Policy