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Our Geography Curriculum 

At OLASP, our Geography Curriculum is delivered through the 'KAPOW' scheme of work.


Please see our planning and progression documents for Geography below, along with information for parents & carers on our Geography curriculum.

Planning and Progression in Geography

Geography Long Term Plan - Summary Overview of Topics

Geography Long Term Plan (detailed)

Progression of Skills in Geography

National Curriculum Programme of Study - Geography

Information for Parents & Carers - Geography at OLASP

Geography Curriculum - Intent, Implementation & Impact

Our Geography Curriculum

We offer our children a broad and balanced curriculum, which builds on their knowledge, skills and understanding of geography each year. 


Through the use of visitors and visits, high quality resources and well planned lessons, children will leave Our Lady & St Patrick's with the knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, and an understanding of how people affect the environment and the world we live in.




As far as possible, we use our Local Area, to enable children to build a picture of their own environment and sense of place, along with a developing knowledge of where this fits in with the bigger UK picture - and indeed with their view of the wider world.


Children study & visit our local rivers, coast and towns, as well as venturing into the heart of the Lake District to study tourism.

Through a well planned schedule of educational trips, visits and visitors, our children gain an understanding of how our town fits into its wider, unique, coastal location. They also extend their understanding of the wider area of The Lake District, a unique place of outstanding geographical interest and natural beauty. 


Children experience a growing range of investigative and problem solving approaches, through these hands-on learning experiences, as they  progress through school. 


Above, please see our long term plan for Geography, along with an overview of the progression of skills in Geography, at Our Lady & St Patrick's.

Vision Statement - Geography


Geography provokes and answers questions about the natural and human worlds.

It is a focus within the curriculum for developing cultural awareness, understanding and resolving issues about the environment and recognising the importance of sustainable development.

It can inspire children to think about their own place in the world, their values, and their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environment.  
At Our Lady & St Patrick's, we aim to: 

  • Develop a broad geographical and cultural awareness in children
  • Provide opportunities for children to undertake geographical enquiry and skills by investigating and expressing their own views about people, places and environments, both in and outside the classroom
  • Enable children to communicate their view points in a variety of ways using appropriate vocabulary
  • Encourage children to collect and anaylse evidence and draw conclusions.
  • Explore a range of sources of information.
  • Foster enjoyment, satisfaction and curiosity for finding out about places, patterns and processes.   



Inclusive Practice