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Celebrations and Awards

Super proud moment - Fund Raising!

We just LOVE Reading Plus!!!

2 Weeks Intensive Swimming - we all made fantastic progress!

European Language Day - Denmark.

Year 6 learned all about the celebration of the Jewish New Year, which starts in September. Rosh Hashanah is a celebration of the creation of the world and marks making a fresh start. They looked at a Shofar (Ram's horn) and had a go at blowing it, as they do at Rosh Hashanah. They also tried some honey cake – which they eat at Rosh Hashanah along with apples dipped in honey to celebrate a sweet New Year ahead!

Word Mental Health Day - In recognition of World Mental Health Day, Year 6 took part in a laughter yoga workshop and drew pictures of themselves. Half was a self - portrait and the other half were drawings and symbols to represent things which make them happy.

Our Year 5 and 6 Bench Ball Team in Action!