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Year 6 Photo Gallery

Heart Dissection


In science this week we looked at a heart and all of the different parts. We looked at the heart as a whole, and then at the dissected heart too in order to look closely at the chambers. 



The Circulatory System 


In science we’ve been learning all about the heart and why its role in the circulatory system is crucial. 

This week we’ve been exploring how the heart pumps the blood through the body and why. 

We all took out roles as part of the system very seriously, using red and blue balloons to represent oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. 


Religious Sources - The Bible


We've been learning how to use the Bible during our religion session in school this half term. We've learned how to use the contents to find the different books and then how to explore the chapters and verses. 




First News


We love receiving the First News paper each week to keep us up to date with the world around us. This week, we've been using it for our comprehension sessions. 



This week we've been learning how to ride a bike safely on the road and learning all of the skills we need to be able to do this independently.

We've really enjoyed this and had lots of lovely comments on our behaviour whilst in the community with our instructors. 



During DT this half term we've been looking at Viking Jewellery and how precious it was to the Vikings. We've explored the patterns and etchings on them and looked at the purposes behind it. 

Before we designed our own pieces, we explored different clay tools in order to decide how effective they'd be and how easy they would allow us to mark and manipulate the clay. 

Our finished pieces look fabulous. We created our shapes, added designs using our knowledge of Viking Runes and then painted them using a variety of metallic colours to represent the metallic look of real Viking Jewels. 

Take a look at our finished work. 



We've been looking at Printing in art and used our knowledge of artists to design and build our own prints using equipment in the classroom. We can't wait to use them with paint and see what our prints turn out like. 

Saint John-Paul II

To celebrate our wonderful class saint, we found out all about him and created our own information booklets (you can find these in our classroom). We also decorated our own Saint John-Paul II figures - take a look below. 

RE - Boarbank Visit


We had the most amazing day yesterday at Boarbank Hall with the lovely Sisters. They helped us with our RE topic of vocation and commitment and  welcomed us into their home. We were able to led a worship in their chapel which was a great honour. We were so proud of our Year 6 children they talked about friendship and all about our school. The Sisters were so impressed as were we, they left us in tears it was so emotional. We have made wonderful friends there and we hope to visit them again soon.