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Our Lady and St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School Part of the Mater Christi Multi-Academy Trust

Supporting well-being

  • All children are supported in terms of their overall well-being.
  • Children know they can talk freely to any adult within school about any issues that are concerning them.
  • All our teaching staff are experienced at dealing with children with a range of special educational needs. The children in our school are all treated with love, care and respect.
  • We have a three-tiered graduated approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing here at Our Lady and St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School.
  • Every child benefits from daily ‘Calm Start’ sessions
  • We have a Pastoral team who oversees specific interventions that support emotional development. These are individually matched to a child's need.
  • For children with a very specific need we can offer additional counselling
  • Visiting groups/speakers are invited into school to promote health, safety and well-being issues amongst the children.
  • We have a variety of pupil voice groups which ensures that the views of all children are listened to.


Pupils with Medical Needs


·    Pupils with medical needs will be provided with a detailed Individual Health and Care Plan, compiled in partnership with the school nurse and parents and if appropriate, the pupil themselves.

·    Staff who volunteer to administer and supervise medications, will complete formal training and be verified by the school nurse as being competent.

·    All medicine administration procedures adhere to the LA policy and Department of Education (DfE) guidelines included within Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions (DfE) 2014 and identified in the School Medicine Administration Policy.