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Mental Health Support Team in Schools

We are very lucky to be one of the schools in Allerdale to be supported by The Mental Health Support Team.


The Mental Health Support Team (MHST) is a jointly funded national programme between Department for Education and NHS to provide early intervention and evidence based interventions for children and young people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties, working directly into education settings.


The MHST’s have 3 core functions:

1. To provide direct support to children and young people with mild to moderate mental health issues

2. To support educational settings to introduce or develop their whole school or college approach to mental health and wellbeing

3. To help advise staff in educational settings and liaise with external specialist services to help children and young people get the right support and stay in education

Who am I?

My name is Leonie and I am one of the Senior Practitioners that work for Barnardos Mental Health Support Team (MHST). I am going to be based in your school every Monday.



Who do I work with?

The service might work with you directly or speak with the people around you to think about what support might be best. We can help with things like anxiety and worry, feeling down, big feelings, self-esteem, panic and behaviour We also offer sessions with parent/carers so that they can help you with big feelings and thoughts. We work closely with school so they can support you as well.



How can I help?

We will look at the links between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours (what we do). Sometimes we can get stuck in a cycle of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours which is when we can start to struggle with our wellbeing. We can work together to break these cycles and feel better using different techniques.


How can you get support from me?

 You, your parent/carer, or teacher can ask for help from our service for you. Speaking to a teacher is a good place to start.