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Our Lady and St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School Part of the Mater Christi Multi-Academy Trust

Catholic Life

We are a Catholic School. Everything that happens here is informed by Gospel Values and the teachings of Jesus.

We are a loving community, where all are treated with respect, where a commitment to justice underpins all that we do and teach, and where the presence of God is reflected in our daily routine.


Our aim is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which every child’s uniqueness is celebrated and where they can grow with Jesus as their example.


We put Jesus at the centre of everything we do, as we reach out to serve and and celebrate the needs of our community. Our Mission Statement is evident through all that we do and say. 


The shared dedication of our wonderful staff team is an essential factor in maintaining our excellent standards; we want our pupils to learn, to grow and to be inspired by Gospel values, so that they can reflect God's love in their everyday lives.


Gospel values are understood and evidenced in policies and procedures of the school. Scripture is read during collective worship and child-led worship. This impacts significantly on learning and the life of the school.  The behaviour of pupils is good and often outstanding.  


Our Lady & St Patrick's provides an outstanding education, based on the values of living life through Christ. 



In lessons and around school pupils are courteous and considerate. Children at Our Lady & St Patrick's enjoy good relationships with the adults who work with them in school, and they come to school wanting to learn. They feel safe because they know that adults will keep them safe in school. Pupils know about different forms of bullying and are aware of a range of prejudices. They agree that bullying is rare and they know and adhere to our behaviour management systems.


We “recognise Christ in everyone“ who visits or works with our school and Parish community. Everybody is treated with dignity, as we "grow together in faith and love" through living our Mission daily.  This can be witnessed in the joy around the school and the respect adults and children show to each other.


Our inclusive practice is evidence that the explicitly Christ-centred ethos is loving, creative, compassionate, highly positive and fosters a high level of understanding, empathy, forgiveness and respect for all.


There have been no permanent exclusions at the school for several years, and only a very small number  of children have been instructed to take short fixed term exclusions – these exclusions were decided upon in order to plan suitable programmes of support for the child and family. Parents have been fully supportive and included in decision making. The outcomes of this have been highly successful resulting in the children achieving well academically, socially and emotionally.

Religious Education


We listen to and are a part of the story of Jesus Christ, as the centre of everything in our school, and we challenge ourselves by the power of his word.


Our rich curriculum embraces our Catholicity at its heart and complies with the Religious Education Directory requirements.


Children in Years 2-6 currently follow the 'Come and See' scheme for all of their Religion lessons. Children in Reception and Year 1 have started their learning journey with the new RED and are now following this new curriculum. In Year 1,  lessons are guided by the ‘Vine and Branches’ scheme. Over the next two years we will begin to implement this new curriculum throughout the whole school. 


Children learn about stories and passages from the Bible. We promote Gospel values and their relevance to everyday life and living. God's word is central to our faith and the lives we are called to lead as followers of Christ. Scripture is used as a starting point for whole school and class-led prayer & worship, with God's word as  the focus of prayer and thought. 


In addition, Christian Meditation allows time for meditative contemplation for children right across our school. Christian meditation is the act of filling one’s mind with Scripture, and dwelling on God and all that He offers to humanity.

Please follow the link below to our Religious Education curriculum page, to find out more about how we teach RE at Our Lady & St Patrick's:

Our Mission Statement

Our school has its own distinctive missions statement, which expresses our shared sense of purpose.


This mission is re-affirmed by staff, children, parents and governors working together. It brings together the shared beliefs of the purpose  and daily mission at the very heart of our school:


"At Our Lady & St Patrick's, we recognise Christ in everyone as we grow together in faith and love, to serve our community"


Fundamental to this purpose is the belief that every person is made in the image and likeness of God, and finds fulfilment in God.


Our mission is to seek the ongoing development of every pupil and young person, and to promote their well-being and freedom. This vision shapes the daily life of our Catholic school as a community in which faith is expressed and shared through everything we do.


To find out more about our mission, please follow the link below:

Our Parish Priest is Father Paul Dadson, who plays an active role in our school

Father Paul visits us often in school, either just to see the children or to lead us in Class Mass or other liturgical events and celebrations.


We also visit church as often as we can, to join the weekly Mass or to share with  the parish any other special liturgical events such as our Nativity Tableau. On St Patrick's Day, we celebrate with a special Mass in church, followed by a party lunch in school for children, staff and parishioners.

Our school is part of a family of schools in the Diocese of Lancaster.


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