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The Smile4Life campaign aims to lay solid foundations for good oral health throughout life. 


Smile4Life is an oral health improvement programme to help children improve their oral health and covers 4 key themes:


Encourage Healthy Eating and Drinking 

  • keep all foods and drinks containing sugar to meal times
  • snack on fruit and/or vegetable between meals
  • drink only milk or water between meals, keep other drinks to meal times 


Encourage regular toothbrushing  

  • brush twice a day, including last thing at night
  • use a smear (for under 3) or a pea sized (for over 3) amount of family fluoride toothpaste
  • supervise brushing until at least 7 years of age
  • spit, don't rinse after brushing


Encourage the promotion of a healthier lifestyle

  • do not smoke or use any form of tobacco
  • keep alcohol consumption to recommended levels


Visit a dentist regularly

  • children should visit a dentist from birth
  • children should be seen regularly at intervals between 3 and 12 months
  • ask your dentist about fluoride varnish
  • young people and adults should be seen at regular intervals as determined by their dentist
  • for help in accessing a NHS dentist for routine or emergency care call your PCT dental number