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Our Lady and St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School Part of the Mater Christi Multi-Academy Trust

Tiered Model

Evidence suggests that pupil premium spending is most effective when schools use a tiered approach, targeting spending across three areas, with a particular focus on teaching.


1. Teaching


Investing in high-quality teaching, for example:

  • Training and professional development for teachers.
  • Recruitment and retention.
  • Support for teachers early in their careers.


2. Targeted academic support


Additional support for some pupils focussed on their specific needs, for example:

  • One-to-one tuition.
  • Small group tuition.
  • Speech and language therapy.


3. Wider approaches


Support for non-academic issues that impact success in school, such as attendance, behaviour and social and emotional challenges. For example:

  • Counselling to support emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Attendance