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Homework & Helping at Home

Autumn 1 Homework

As our topic this half term is ‘you, me and everyone else’, I would love to see each child create an ‘all about me’ page with some photos/pictures of things that are special to them.


You could:

* sit together with your child to find some special photos of them and their favourite things to share with me on Dojo. We will then share these on the screen in class and the children can tell their friends all about them.

* sit together and choose some photos to print to create an ‘all about me’ page to bring to class and share with their friends.

* sit together and ask your child to draw some pictures of themselves and their favourite things for an ‘all about me’ page which they can bring to class to share.


If you can think of another way to share some of your favourite things please do!


I’m looking forward to seeing them!