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Phonics & Reading


'Success for All' Phonics

We have recently invested in a new, validated Synthetic Phonics Scheme, called 'Success for All' Phonics!


⭐ Our Staff have had lots of training and we will be implementing this new approach to teaching phonics from after February half term 2022, beginning in Early Years and then moving into Year 1 and Year 2, and beyond.


⭐ Our teachers are really excited to get started with all the new resources - and we hope that the way we teach reading and phonics in school will be EVEN BETTER than it was before! 😊


⭐ If you would like to know more about this, then please follow the link below...

More information about 'Success for All' Phonics

In school, we follow a synthetic phonics approach, and will be using the 'Success For All' (SFA) programme for teaching phonics, from Spring 2022 onwards


  • Success For All is a programme for teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening from Nursery onwards. It initially lays strong foundations in both oracy and literacy starting with Nursery and Reception pupils, moving on to provide systematic teaching throughout the primary years and especially in Year 1, and into Year 2. Children work through the Six Phonics Phases systematically, from their entry to school.


  • The programme is based on research and has been proven to raise standards in reading and writing.


  • SFA provides a wide range of opportunities for children to explore and develop phonic knowledge and comprehension strategies, develop vocabulary and spelling, improve grammatical awareness, analyse whole texts and develop writing in a wide range of genres.


  • Typically, children will begin Phase 1 in Nursery and complete Phase 6 in Year 2. However, all children are different and not all children progress at the same rate through the phonics phases. We rigorously track children's progress in phonics, to ensure that all children make progress in reading and writing.


  • High quality daily phonics lessons in Early Years, through into Key Stage One and early Key Stage 2 are the fundamental basis for learning to read and write in a structured and systematic way. 


If you have any questions about phonics, your child's class teacher would be your first point of contact for advice. However, if you would like to discuss any aspect of phonics in more detail, the subject leader for phonics and early reading is Miss Nicholson.

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Please note: this section is being updated with SFA Phonics information, as the scheme is phased in


Reading is at the very heart of our curriculum, and is given a high priority in all classes and year groups, right across school.

From our children's very first days in school, we aim to foster a love of language and reading and, therefore, attach great importance to enabling our children to become fluent readers. All class timetables include daily reading sessions for guided and individual reading, as well as opportunities for story time and quiet reading.


Independent reading takes place on a daily basis to encourage a love of books and reading for pleasure. Children are encouraged to talk about their favourite authors and recommend stories to others. Whole class reading sessions cover all the skills of prediction, clarification, questioning and summary as well as overall comprehension of a text.


Across school, children will experience a wide range of authors and text types and will regularly hear books being read to them. Our curriculum is planned with quality texts at its very heart and all our learning springs from this.


We even have a 'Cosy Book Club' each lunch-time for those real book-worms, as well as an opportunity for every class to visit the local library each year, to sign up and enjoy access to so many wonderful books!


If you have any questions about reading, your child's class teacher would be your first point of contact for advice.  Alternatively, if you would like to discuss any aspect of reading in more detail, the subject leader for early reading is Miss Nicholson, and Miss Nattrass is the subject leader for reading in Key Stage 2. 


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Our Reading Brochure

Every class visits the Library each year!