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Designing & Creating Class Banners

Designing & making class banners to celebrate our class Saints

The Ethos group have decided that each class will make a banner to celebrate their class saint. 


Each banner will be made of fabric and will be displayed prominently in each class. During each week's worship, or during any other special event or celebration, the banners will be processed into the hall, carried by someone special from each class.


We would like each class to think about how they could design their class banner, to depict their Saint. A sketch must be made and handed to Mrs Langstaff. We will provide the fabric and the felt and other material that will be used and cut into the shapes and images each class would like to see on their banner.


In the New Year, Mrs Langstaff's mum will come into school and work with a group of children, to glue and sew the banners together.


We would like each class to have their designs ready for the next meeting of the ethos group in December, and then the banners will be made in the New Year.